Merax women’s road bike

Top class Comfort and design is what you can expect from Merax women’s road bike

Merax Finiss come up with its exclusive new range of bicycle which is supported with 700C and 21 speed features. Womens road bike is getting quite popular these days and so most of the manufacturers are conscious about making their road bikes durable and high standards. Merax is a popular brand in market and known for making affordable road bikes. They not only represent durability, but come with a solid aluminum frame.
Features of Merax womens road bike

Attractive design and look:

You will be amazed with its attractive design and style. They are available in three different designs which is a combination of dual toned colors including grey and yellow, red and white and black and green. The attractive colors and design becomes a suitable option for every women cycler.

Aerodynamic features:

Due to its aerodynamic frames, the bike offers an attractive design which helps in faster and smoother speed.  The wheels are designed based on advanced aerodynamic technology that makes the journey of any bike rider simple and smooth.

Comfort centric:

The bike is ready to offer comfortable seating option to cycling best bikes for women enthusiasts. Therefore, it can be said to be the best comfort bikes for women available in market. Seats and heights are adjustable according to needs of women.

Merax® Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike

These bikes are available in three different sizes such as 50cm, 54 and 58cm. it is a measurement that is referred to distance taken from center of bottom bracket to top seat tube.
Why choose this bike?

To give complete satisfaction to users, the manufacturers have emphasized on adopting Shimano component. The professional bikers are aware of such components which can surely give the pleasure of easy shift and derailleur so that pleasurable riding experience can be achieved. Here the women’s bikes reviews will give you an absolutely clear knowledge about its features that can help in better buy.

When it comes to quality, nothing can beat Merax Finiss. High quality and assured performance is the USP of this bike. It is a lightweight product which is made of sturdy aluminum frame so that best support can be offered. This 700c road bike is also eligible for loading around 330 pounds.

Being a womens road bike, it comes with quick release feature. So, you have opportunity to easily remove front wheel. T is an advanced component installed in this road bike to give an amazing riding experience.

Merax® Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike

This feature has finally made the bike an extraordinary one! With 21 speed facility and quick release option, there is a possibility of making bike a user-friendly one.
Pros and cons

The best part of this bike lies in its functionality and design. It is specially design for road use and comes with light and sturdy body. The bike is supported with Kendra tires which is based on Aluminum A5 rims and avail a sleek design. It can be said to be the best road bikes for women that comes under $300. For any beginner it is a suitable option and can give an excellent riding facility. The aerodynamic frame is also an excellent feature.

The disadvantage is that this womens road bike does not come to you in assembled form. So, you would be in need of professionals for assembling it and make it a best fit to use.

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