Best Women’s Road Bikes 2016

Features the makes Vilano Shadow is the best women’s road bikes 2016

It’s really tough to choose a womens road bike. But, you will certainly be able to identify innumerable options when you search online.The vilano shadow road bike is  also called as the best women’s road bikes 2016. Now, are you confused? With hundreds of options it is pretty much confusing which would be the best option. So, you need to be aware of the features that can be a suitable choice. While choosing a road bike it is vital to give attention to frame construction, wheels, and brake and gear specifications.
Best womens road bikes 2016

While talking of Vilano Shadow Road Bike you will be able to explore extensive uses and it has become the preferred choice among all athletes. Due to its advanced features and convincing appearance, women are truly inclined towards this road bike. Here you will able to explore some of the notable features of Vilano road bike:

Amazing speed and highly reliable:

While speaking of women’s bikes review, Vilano is truly an exceptional. It is available in different designs that make sure you notice it.

Vilano Shadow Womens Road Bike

The aerodynamics is integrated to give an influential look. Speed and reliability is its USP and designed absolutely for beginners. The bike comes with 14 speeds and can be upgraded easily. No matter what the purpose is, it can certainly fulfill your need!

Emphasize on workout:

Do you know that bike riding is a best form of doing your workout? What is really impressive is that you will never be bored of riding a bicycle. So, gaining pleasure and fitness at the same time is possible only through road bikes. You can enjoy surroundings and explore different places while burning extra pounds.

Easy and flexible set up:

When it comes to womens road bike, it can be said that Vilano Shadow bike is a best one as it does not come up with any complicated tools. So, easy setup is possible and wrench is an important tool available that would simplify the setup process. With this product, all necessary parts would be available that is required for training session.
Features of Vilano Shadow STI integrated womens road bike

Free platform pedals that is quite common in all Vilano Shadow bike.
A lightweight product that is attached with double butted aluminum frame and have an integrated headset.
Proper brakes and shifts attached that makes it the best bicycles for women over 50 as it helps to gain complete accuracy and control of integrated brake and shifters.

Pros and cons

The bike comes with excellent shifters that so there is no complication encountered while moving between gears.
Top quality Shimano component is used while focusing on durability and superior quality so that the bike can deliver an impressive look and features.
It can be considered as the best women’s road bikes for beginners as it is easy to assemble and there is no need to spend much time in setup.


While talking of disadvantages of this bike, it can be said that seating option is not of high standard and so comfort is overlooked. A comfortable seat is an absolute need for every road bike which is missing in this case. This womens road bike lacks proper padding in seating.

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